Amazing Ideas for Meatloaf Recipes

If you are a busy mom, you might be attracted in cooking a dish that does not take long hours to prepare. You probably have limitless chores to work on, which leaves you pretty time to stay in the kitchen. Anyway, you would not want to give your family a awful dish during mealtime. Best nutrition is very vital when it come to food. Additional, a fit dish should be tasty and appetizing.

The flavor and aroma of the dish would be sufficient to entice the full family to dig in and eat well.

Meatloaf recipe is one of those dishes that is not just simple to prepare, it is also very nutritious dish rich in protein. You can even make different versions of this amazing food item. You can put glaze on it, make it a bit sweet or cheesy. Additional, you can make it a fit dish by picking lean ground beef instead of suing the fatty portion of pork. Some meatloaf recipe even contain ground veal to provide this meat recipe that additional amazing taste Meatloaf Recipes.

When it comes to cooking meatloaf, you can bake it for 30 minutes or let it cook for hours within a crockpot. Whichever way you favor, you can come up with a savory and juicy meatloaf, as long as you use just the choicest ingredients for the recipe.

The dish is excellent for every day meals because of the ease in cooking it.  You can also prepare this tasty meat recipe for unique occasions such as huge family dinner at home. Simply put some extra seasonings in the mixture to include a twist to the usual taste of the dish. You can dish up the meatloaf with warm steamed rice, bread or pasta. Expect full relaxation from the full family with every bite of this meaty treat.

If you need a best meat, loaf recipe, here is a quick and simple way for you to cook up this savory dish.

This recipe takes approximately ten minutes to prepare and an hour to cook. Use a crockpot and place it on high settings for a really tasty dish for dinner or lunch. You can also cook the dish by baking the meatloaf in an oven. For this meatloaf recipe, you will need the following items:

·         Whole milk, 2/3 cup

·         Ground beef (lean), 1 pound

·         Crackers, 1/2 cup

·         Medium onion (perfectly chopped), 1/2 cup

·         Tomato ketchup, 1/4 cup

·         One big egg, beaten

·         Salt and pepper to taste


Begin by placing all the items in  huge mixing glass blow. Use your hands to blend rightly the ingredients. Combine fully without overdoing it to prevent stiffness of the mixture. Then, place the mixture on a flat working area. Shape the mixture into a leaf by using your hands.

Place the loaf in a baking pan. Expand ketchup on top of the meatloaf. Bake in an oven for an hour, at 345 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also prepare the meatloaf using a crockpot. Set it on high and cook for an hour, until there are some extra juices coming out of the meat.

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